Run several IE versions on one computer

This is a webdesigners dream… Haven’t you wished there was a way to quickly test a page in different versions of IE? If you’ve tried, you probably know that installing Internet Explorer will overwrite any verion currently installed. One install at a time. Bah humbug!

The rescue comes in the form of IE standalone distributions from Just download (I tried the 9x version under Windows XP), unzip, doubleclick iexplore.exe and off you go! Note that the about dialog will display the version of your current system IE install, so there’s no way of knowing which IE you’re running without remembering which version you launched or looking at the HTTP headers.

Imagine my relief when I discovered this page works nice in both IE 5.5 and 5.0 (though a slight menu anomaly on the latter). :)

Update: Thanks to Yousif Al Saif at TredoSoft there is now an installer that installs IE 3.0-6.0 side by side on your computer! Recommended.

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  • How weird that my page didn’t centre properly in versions older than 6. margin: 0 auto doesnt seem to work properly in older versions. .

    Ah.. I really don’t care :-)

    Thanks for the tip!

  • Actually I didn’t think any IE versions managed to center correctly using CSS.

    If I recall correctly you can fool IE into doing the right thing by encapsulating the div you want to center within an outer div with text-align:center. Or alternatively, use a one-cell table.

  • Yeah.. I also recently discovered that using a centre-aligned background-picture was offset by 1px compared to centered content.. But only if the browser window was maximised.

    This was IE7. Weird and kinda annoying. :-P