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Hvordan få sider som ser bra ut, overalt

Veldig ofte ser jeg at forumer oversvømmes av nettsideproblemer som jeg finner ut av i løpet av sekunder på ren automatikk. Det slo meg at noen bør ta til orde for litt hjelp til selvhjelp på dette området. Så her har jeg samlet mine triks for problemfrie websider.

Is anyone actually thinking at all over at Microsoft?

Thomas Baekdal shows how clicking on a link that says “Download silverlight” still takes you through 7 pages before giving you the actual file! I know Microsofts websites are bad from a usability perspective, but this is truly horrible. Isn’t anyone actually thinking things through in Redmond?

Usability in applications

My pet peeve regarding usability is the lack of (let’s face it, most) developers ability to put themselves in the situation of computer beginners (aka newbs). Eric S. Raymond describes exactly how bad this can get in The Luxury of Ignorance. And in my own opinion, this also describes why Linux is still miles away […]

Why Flash websites are a really, really bad idea

Just to state some basic facts… Flash doesn’t work _everywhere_, unlike normal HTML. My computer runs a 64-bit OS without 32bit emulation, and Adobe has yet to provide a Flash player for any 64-bit platform. Flash requires a proprietary plugin. Flash does not let users change font sizes or contrast settings using personalized stylesheets. A […]

Why tables for layout is bad

Since I’m tired of Googling it up every time I need the link, I thought I’d just post it here. Seybold tells you why tables for layout is stupid.

Is XHTML supported wide enough for everyday use?

Today I stumbled upon an article by Lachlan Hunt which lists some of the problems with using XHTML for webpages. After having read through it, I was nearly ready to reimplement my XHTML pages in HTML… The main cause for this was IE’s lack of support for application/xhtml+xml content. It won’t render it, but instead […]

Finding the best way to insert Flash

In my earlier days (before I switched from Opera to Firefox, now I use the AdBlock Plus Firefox extension to block ads) I used to surf the web with Flash disabled. I was actually quite shocked to notice how many websites that just didn’t display anything when read though a browser without Flash support. This […]

Run several IE versions on one computer

This is a webdesigners dream… Haven’t you wished there was a way to quickly test a page in different versions of IE? If you’ve tried, you probably know that installing Internet Explorer will overwrite any verion currently installed. One install at a time. Bah humbug! The rescue comes in the form of IE standalone distributions […]