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A gameserver ping plugin for Munin

My personal server has been acting up lately, to be precise; the Call of Duty (1) gameserver that runs on it. I installed Munin for monitoring it, but really wanted something that would show the actual slowdown the players experienced. So I did a Munin plugin. In PHP ofcourse. ;) It’s my first Munin plugin, […] script

I wanted a script to show a random quote from in every new terminal session. PHP is my language of choice. :) Save as “bashquote” and chmod 755 (rwxr-xr-x) to use (make sure the regexp looks exactly as below in preg_match_all()). The script only works in a Unix/Linux environment. Edit 15. april 2015: The […]

A small RSS filter written in PHP

Nearly all news sources has some posts I’m not interested in. I can’t believe no RSS readers has implemented good enough filters yet. But I anyway I wrote my own. :) I don’t think my server can handle too much usage, so I’m just giving you the code as is.

So I made this MVC-framework in 27 lines of code…

It started as a generic include-script for the redesign of my commercial homepage, Pedersen Mediaconsult and suddenly I got an epiphany. ;) Introducing… The OneFileFramework, a complete (well, sort of) web framework in PHP that consists of ONE single file (index.php) consisting of 27 actual code lines. :D The webpage I set up for it […]