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Why Vista isn’t coming near my computers

I’ve earlier written a norwegian piece on why Vista isn’t coming near my computer over at, but since the arguments have grown during time and I felt the need for a recap, I’ll do it again. To sum it up: Vista isn’t coming near any of my computers, and I’ll tell you why right […]

Usability in applications

My pet peeve regarding usability is the lack of (let’s face it, most) developers ability to put themselves in the situation of computer beginners (aka newbs). Eric S. Raymond describes exactly how bad this can get in The Luxury of Ignorance. And in my own opinion, this also describes why Linux is still miles away […]

The Top 10 Arguments Against DRM

Via Learn Out Loud you can read about why DRM is a bad, bad thing… And for the less technical of my readers, DRM is the copy protection on all music bought online from MSN (for your Zune player) or iTunes (for the iPod). This is a must read, the end of the article contains […]

Remove Windows Genuine Advantage Notification

After Microsoft pushed the Windows Genuine Advantage Notification (hereafter refered to as WGAN) tool out using Windows Update a lot of people cried out in despair. While I actually sympathize with Microsoft for trying to protect their intellectual property, there were several things that didn’t quite sound right: Microsoft originally assured the press that the […]

Geek code

—–BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK—– Version: 3.1 GCS/CC/FA/IT/MU/O d+(-)@ s++:++ a- C++(+++)>$ UL++ P+>+++ L+(++)>$ !E— W++(+++)$>$ N+ o? K–? w>$ !O- !M !V- PS+ !PE Y+ !PGP- !t !5- !X R tv++ b++>+++ DI++++>+++++ D+ G e+(++)>+++ h>— r* y+*(++)>+++ ——END GEEK CODE BLOCK——

MPAA Notice

My school got this sweet little mail on my behalf. 24 hours and a lot of apologies later my net access was restored. :p <?xml version=”1.0″ ?> <Infringement xmlns:xsi=””> <Case> <ID>1903981</ID> <Status>Open</Status> <Severity>Normal</Severity> </Case> <Complainant> <Entity>Motion Picture Association of America</Entity> <Contact>MPA/A</Contact> <Address>15503 Ventura Blvd. Encino, CA 91436</Address> <Phone>(818) 995-6600</Phone> <Email></Email> </Complainant> <Service_Provider> <Entity>Uninett</Entity> <Contact>Uninett Abuse</Contact> […]