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A gameserver ping plugin for Munin (copy)

My personal server has been acting up lately, to be precise; the Call of Duty (1) gameserver that runs on it. I installed Munin for monitoring it, but really wanted something that would show the actual slowdown the players experienced. So I did a Munin plugin. In PHP ofcourse. ;) It’s my first Munin plugin, […] script (copy)

I wanted a script to show a random quote from in every new terminal session. PHP is my language of choice. :) Save as “bashquote” and chmod 755 (rwxr-xr-x) to use (make sure the regexp looks exactly as below in preg_match_all()). The script only works in a Unix/Linux environment.

A small RSS filter written in PHP (copy)

Nearly all news sources has some posts I’m not interested in. I can’t believe no RSS readers has implemented good enough filters yet. But I anyway I wrote my own. :) I don’t think my server can handle too much usage, so I’m just giving you the code as is.

The 28-hour work day! (copy)

I can’t help it, a 6-day week consisting of 28-hour days sounds wonderful! :) The only downside is that I have a family, and this kind of regime won’t work inside that setting. :p XKCD also has a take on the concept.

Is anyone actually thinking at all over at Microsoft? (copy)

Thomas Baekdal shows how clicking on a link that says “Download silverlight” still takes you through 7 pages before giving you the actual file! I know Microsofts websites are bad from a usability perspective, but this is truly horrible. Isn’t anyone actually thinking things through in Redmond?

Mac OS X tips (copy)

A couple of things got me stumped when migrating to Mac, so I thought I’d just do a small post on them. :)

The essential Mac OS X freeware list (copy)

It’s now official – I’m a Mac user. After flirting with Ubuntu Linux for a year, watching Knut Sætre (my coworker) use his MacBook Pro and reading all the switch stories around the net I decided time had come for a change. So far, I’m definitely not regretting anything. OS X seems to me like […]

So I made this MVC-framework in 27 lines of code… (copy)

It started as a generic include-script for the redesign of my commercial homepage, Pedersen Mediaconsult and suddenly I got an epiphany. ;) Introducing… The OneFileFramework, a complete (well, sort of) web framework in PHP that consists of ONE single file (index.php) consisting of 27 actual code lines. :D The webpage I set up for it […]

Reorganizing my life… again

During the last couple of months, GMail has had several hiccups. And when Google homepage suddenly lost all my gadgets for two days recently, I figured I might look into the desktop application approach to organizing my life again. I’ve also experienced that having “tools” in the same browser that contains tabs with social networks […]

Free design work (copy)

I found this through, the original author is unknown and the original posting was on CraigsList. To those who are looking for someone to do work for free… please wake up and join the real world Every day, there are more and more CL posts seeking “artists” for everything from auto graphics to comic […]