A gameserver ping plugin for Munin 22.04.10

My personal server has been acting up lately, to be precise; the Call of Duty (1) gameserver that runs on it. I installed Munin for monitoring it, but really wanted something that would show the actual slowdown the players experienced.

So I did a Munin plugin. In PHP ofcourse. ;) It’s my first Munin plugin, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be the only one written in PHP. It’s available for download at Munin Exchange, and the code is here for those that just want a quick look.

Update 27.04.10: Updated the plugin to v1.1.

Update 03.07.15: Updated the plugin to v1.11 and moved to GitHub.

The code is now at https://github.com/fuzzy76/munin_qstatping